Björk releases limited edition Aqua vinyl of ‘Blissing Me’ remixes

<p "="">Mixmag cover star and Icelandic icon Björk is releasing a new remix project on limited edition coloured vinyl. <p "="">The two-tracker features two surreal versions her 2017 single ‘Blissing Me’. While the two remixes after their inaugural release, the forthcoming limited 12" edition is set to be one for the purists. <p "="">On the project's A-side, gospel talent and soulful star serpentwithfeet takes on the tune with a stellar vocal performance, while the flip features a stripped-back ‘harp version’. <p "="">Taken from her hit ‘Utopia’, the project is sure to excite fans the artist, who is confirmed to play out at an array festivals this summer including and . <p "="">The remix 12” is scheduled for release on February 23 One Little Indian. <p "="">Pre-order the project , and while you wait why not check out our and with Björk, taken from our December 2017 issue. <p "="">Tune in to the original version ‘Blissing Me’ below. Jasmine Kent-Smith is Mixmag's Weekend Editor. Follow her on