Is The #InMyFeelings Challenge Worth Jail Time?

You can’t scroll through any social media platform without seeing a video someone dancing outside a car to the song “In My Feelings,” by Drake. The viral challenge has taken the internet by storm but quickly turned dangerous.

These videos seemed to be harmless but soon turned into its own meme disastrous fails. While it seems like all fun and games, Egypt’s Interior Ministry says that if there is an obstruction traffic you could be fined up to 3,000 Egyptian pounds ($167) and face up to a year in prison, according to the .

Many celebrities across the world have posted videos themselves doing the challenge (and ), drawing lots attention to the issue. In Abu Dhabi, the arrest three “social media influencers” was ordered after they posted their version the challenge online, according to local newspaper The National.

In India, police posted this warning to Facebook, encouraging participants to halt the sensation due to its dangerous nature. Videos have been seen challengers getting hit by cars and presumably injuring themselves.

According to , Twitter reported over 2.3 million tweets since June 29 about the challenge. On top that, Drake’s name has appeared in over 7.5 million tweets since the album’s release.

While many internet sensations have turned dangerous over the years, these countries seem to be attempting to regulate their citizen’s safety. The challenge is sure to continue but participants are advised to act out the dance in safe measures.


Photo The Holy Mountain for Insomniac