Leipzig is abolishing its 5am curfew

Leipzig city council has voted to abolish the curfew in place between the hours 5am to 6am.

The measure had been in existence but was rarely followed, until it was used to force the city’s revered Institut für Zukunft club to start shutting at 5am, following . But soon, as is the common for German clubs, the beloved spot will be able to go all night long once again.

A joint motion put forward by the SPD, The Left and the Greens proposing plans to abolish the curfew received 55 votes in favour the measure from the city council, with zero votes against. Six members abstained.

Juliane Nagel The Left political party labelled the curfew a “medieval relic”.

Institut für Zukunft is celebrating the news, posting a classic Beastie Boys clip on Facebook.