Porter Robinson Announces Virtual Self EP & Posts Track Previews

Happy Friday! Porter Robinson is spicing up the weekend with a huge announcement about his new VIRTUAL SELF side project. Porter Robinson, through VIRTUAL SELF, announced that there will be a new EP for the project. The EP will drop November 29 and there are already a set track previews on the website .

We know the first two tracks “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices” will feature on the EP. Joining them will be “A. I. NGEL” which continues the nu-trance vibe that this project has embodied so far. There’s also “Key” which has a melodic and light trance vibe to it while “Particle Arts” continues the intense uplifting trance sounds “Eon Break”. There’s also a slew unknown tracks, one which is accompanied by a mysterious 360 video you can check out below along with a strange forum that looks oddly busy for an unknown project.

From what we can tell the tracks are aligned with characters from this world, named Technic Angel and  Path Selector. There’s so much to dig into in this teaser website, but either way things will be truly awesome when this EP drops and we get to see the first performance in soon.