Report: Only 34.7% of Pills Marketed as MDMA Are Pure

Music festivals can be an amazing experience, but unfortunately, they can be home to all sorts drugs as well. 

We recommend partying safely and soberly, but we would be naive to think that’s always the case. Whether you partake or not, you should be aware some scary new findings before embarking your next event.  analyzed more than 25,700 test reports ecstasy between the years 2005-2017 to see what is really being circulated across the globe.

Some alarming findings: 
Over 8% pills contained a mixture MDxx and amphetamines (known as speed or meth)
40.5% pills sold in the U.K. as MDMA are pure (34.7% in the U.S.)
More than 1 in 6 pills contained unknown substances which could not be identified

What does this all mean? Basically, almost half ecstasy pills that you will see are cut with adulterants in some way. Unless you have a  handy, there is no way to know what is really in a drug marketed as ecstasy or ‘molly.’

Pure ecstasy would contain a single ingredient: MDMA. But unfortunately, anything that is not pure can include hazardous chemical components, some which can be deadly. 

Since 1999, the number psychostimulant-related deaths in the U.S. has increased by nearly eight times, from 563 people in 1999 to almost 4,300 deaths in 2014. With the number U.S. psychostimulant-related deaths skyrocketing, it’s important to be aware the dangers taking drugs that are not prescribed to you.

Of the more than 25,700 reports that were examined by , less than half the drugs in the world labeled as ecstasy were pure MDMA. That means that for every two pills sold as ecstasy, only one may be pure MDMA.

It’s important to note that even users who ingested pure MDMA experienced adverse effects the drug, such as nausea, chills, seizures and loss consciousness. Shockingly, less than 29 percent the men and women who consumed a pure form the drug assessed that the drug was pure based on their experience after consumption.