Review: Heartracer Debut New Single and Video 'Diamond Sea'

Heartracer are one the new indie techno pop darlings Your EDM advised its readers to pay attention to with their first single, “All at Once.” A combination 80s stynths, wall sound ambient music reminiscent shoegaze rock and electro and gorgeous vocals, Heartracer has the potential to cross over the lines between pop, indie rock and EDM many times over. Their new single “Diamond Sea” is no exception.

“Diamond Sea” is definitely more in the 80s electro rock camp this time as compared to the more EDM-rich “All at Once,” with ballad style guitars and composition (think Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” or even Joe Walsh’s “In the City,” recently made popular again by Rick and Morty) and heartfelt vocals. The video also gives audiences a better idea what parts Heartracer’s songs are done on analog instruments and which are electronic. On this track at least, the performance and composition reads like a normal band, with just a small synth kit controlling the effects on the guitars and adding ambient sound and some keys to the track.

Fully electronic or not, “Diamond Sea” is nonetheless a stunning track with enough electronic elements for us to advise fans electro pop to keep an eye on Heartracer for their upcoming album. No matter what it will definitely be emotive, dreamy and beautiful.

“Diamond Sea” by Heartracer is out now and available to stream on , and .