Sunday Morning Medicine: glo-fi and outrun to soundtrack the rain

is an eclectic playlist for the chill at heart. Curated weekly, chillers divergent tastes  and  bring you a selection tracks to relax to. Our editorial feature highlights the cream the crop, but you can follow the ficial playlist on . 

The first select the week is a deep cut courtesy .  The Austin based producer has become known for his prolific catalog deliciously 80s inspired music and for his role as a founding member beloved outrun and synth haven . “So Far Away” is a dreamy throwback from the producer’s stacked 2012 LP Visitors. A bright guitar lick meanders through the a lush cloud synths and a pining, haunting vocal refrain that pulses in and out like a communication from another plane.


B•R•A•U•N’s debut solo LP with Diving Bell Recording Co arrived as a fully formed world for listeners to immerse themselves in.  is at once inspired by sounds the past and rooted firmly in the attitudes the present. Producer Ben Braun has constructed an incredible fering that is easy to get lost in for hours repeated listening and “Lose It All” is a standout track with vibes for days. Even as the vocals detail a stubborn resolution, Braun’s driving bass line and soaring synth melodies drive the song forward into an irresistible groove.


Cult favorites  have made a name for their synthpop outfit over a series timeless releases and high prile collaborations with electronic musicians like . “Lay Your Cards Out” is one such perennial creation from the group’s 2012 LP Give You The Ghost. The track seems to pull from a wealth influences with elements trip hop and a strong thematic nod to dreampop pioneers , but a rolling drum line brings the track to an intoxicating boil around the three minute mark, fomenting a sense urgency and tension that feels contemporary, uniquely POLIÇA.


‘s  EP made a quiet arrival earlier this month deep house stalwart . The EP’s textured, refreshing brand deep house is exemplified here in its title track which glistens with organic warmth. The song is a narrative journey through a head space that feels intimate and introspective for producer Maxime Firket and each the track’s intricate samples is mastered lovingly into the perfect space within this rich, airy composition.


Rounding out this week’s picks is a cut from producer Chris Stewart’s synth outlet . Stewart’s 2012 LP A Different Arrangement drew from synthwave’s earliest progenitors, tapping into a DIY creative space and scraping together raw, visceral elements into moody, brooding affair. At a few hopeful moments in the LP, Stewart’s compositions turn bright, verging on glo-fi, but album opener “Cruel Summer” sets the dominant tone for this chillingly impassive album that some how yearns for more, better in a cold and frustratingly intractable reality.


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Sunday Morning Medicine: glo-fi and outrun to soundtrack the rain