Will HARD Day Of The Dead Return??

 HARD Day Of The Dead Returns?

Whoa– Is HARD Day the Dead coming back after being cancelled? Get this, HARD Events‘s twitter account just posted a collage on their Twitter detailing a little teaser. Yesterday and today, a number pictures appeared showing all sorts images from past festivities and DJs rocking a crowd. When put together, cutout words that spell, “DIA DE LOS MUERTOS” show front and center. Can we assume this may very well be the “resurrection” their Halloween festival?

What brought this on? Well, here are the facts. The last time any us attended DOTD, it was back in 2015 when Gary Richards made the event 21+ due to past deaths. We know, it wasn’t ideal but everyone needs to try new things. For those who’ve attended before, you know how awesome that festival made you felt. From the indoor stages and killer lineup to group costume shenanigans, everyone indulged in hallow’s eve that weekend. While a fan favorite and notable event that year, politics shut it down.

Three years later, HARD Summer knocks SoCal’s socks f with their refurbishment this year. Gary is gone and the HARD brand is going in a new, but still true to their roots direction. Things seem to be looking up for them which means their long-running celebration the dirtier shades electronic music is in need an encore. What better way to ease the post-summer rave blues than with a ghoulish extravaganza. Round two baby!

Who, what, where, and when? We do not know any details as right now, but their Tweet gives us hope. Something is brewing, we hope it’s true. Which venue would you like this festival to be at?

Let’s stay tuned and see what they’re planning next. Is anyone else as excited as we are?!

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