32-track Korean electronic music compilation released for International Women’s Day: Listen

A new 32-track compilation of Korean electronic music, , has been released for International Women’s Day.

Curated by Seoul-based imprint and party collective, The Internatiiional, the compilation “serves as an indicator for the art of time”, and features tracks from label affiliate Yetsuby and fellow Salamanda member uman therma, alongside Heejin Jang, Kimgundi, Eumfy, Yuzo and more.

Both members of the Korean production duo also join forces under the Salamanda alias for the twinking ambient contribition, ‘Tulukana’. Other genres featured across the compilation include breakcore, electro, techno and hyper-pop.

“It is a geography drawn by connecting electronic musicians in South Korea, each with their own story, breaking the boundaries of music,” ’s release description reads.

The compilation marks only the second release on the label, following Yetsuby’s April 2023 EP, ‘MY STAR MY PLANET MY EARTH’.

All proceeds from Bandcamp sales will be donated to the Korea Women’s Hotline, which works to protect women from domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

Find out more and check out the ‘’ compilation below.

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London radio station, record label and creative agency FOUNDATION.FM has also released a new compilation to mark this year's International Women's Day.