35 Artists Contribute to REAPER’s Gigantic “DISRUPTOR” Remix Album

REAPER's new remix album has more artists than many festival lineups.

The enigmatic producer today unveiled an enormous collection of reworks of music from his debut album, DISRUPTOR, which dropped back in May. The vast majority of artists choose to recruit a handful of artists to take on remix duties, but REAPER opened the floodgates and featured 35 different acts on the record.

The dramatic cyberpunk introduction, "INTERCEPT (INTRO)" received a trio of remixes from Boxplot, NIK P and KARTYPARTYY. REAPER's tribute to the power of drum & bass, "COACH," was reworked by Fredrick, ONUMI, capshun, and HD-4884.

Meanwhile, the groovy, upbeat "MAKE A MOVE" was transformed by RIOT, KAMI, Rebel Scum and AIRGLO while the melodic "STAY ALIVE" was remixed by Slippy, JEANIE, V O E and Decadon. On "PULSE," Kumarion, Slang Dogs and Water Spirit took on the bouncy track to close out the first half of the album.

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35 Artists Contribute to REAPER's Gigantic "DISRUPTOR" Remix Album

Jon Casey, JEANIE, Kumarion, HD-4884 and more produced spine-chilling remixes of music from REAPER's debut album.

In one of the album's many highlights, the screeching synths of "XLR8" were supercharged by Audioscribe, Steller, LUMBERJVCK and High Zombie. Closing out what will surely be the biggest remix compilation of the year, the grand finale, "MOVE TOGETHER," was reworked by Nitepunk, AHEE and Whyel.

You can listen to the full remix album below.


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