5 Electronic Remixes of the “Squid Game” Theme Song That Will Make Your Blood Curdle

If you aren't watching Squid Game by now, what are you doing?

The runaway Netflix hit-slash-complete mindfuck has gripped the world since its debut, shocking viewers with its dystopian storyline and deranged imagery. And it's shattering records for the streaming giant.

The show has completely dominated pop culture. Memes are running roughshod through social media. Squid Game-inspired TikTok challenges are already sending boneheaded Gen Zers to the hospital. The characters' signature green-and-white jumpsuits are selling like hotcakes on Amazon. Just wait until Halloween this year.

The program's chilling theme, dubbed "Pink Soldiers," is a siren song. Whenever the haunting track plays, you know something unsettling is about the happen.

Here are five of best remixes of "Pink Soldiers" for electronic music fans who can't get enough of the show. 

Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (TBT & $cAWN! Remix)

TBT and $cAWN! flipped the Squid Game theme into a spine-chilling midtempo banger that would make REZZ proud.

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5 Electronic Remixes of the "Squid Game" Theme Song That Will Make Your Blood Curdle

Leave it to electronic music producers to breathe new life into the Netflix hit's creepy earworm.

Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (Rameses B Remix)

Electronic music vet Rameses B produced a stunning drum & bass rendition, brilliantly incorporating the eerie vocals of the deadly "Red Light, Green Light" doll from the show's pilot episode.

Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (RemixManiacs Trap Remix)

Fans of old-school 2010s trap music will love this edit from RemixManiacs, who dropped a thumping rework reminiscent of the golden era of SoundCloud.

Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (Soner Karaca Remix)

Soner Karaca managed to bottle the creepy Gregorian chants of "Pink Soldiers" into a club-ready Brazilian Bass remix.

Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (RAYNOR Remix)

Fans of house music can cut some shapes to this bouncy rework from RAYNOR, who somehow flipped the creepy track into a techno banger.