A Hundred Drums Debuts Lo-Fi Side Project and New EP, "Sonder"

At its core, A Hundred Drums’ music is meant to reverberate through the body and mind. This dynamic has been frayed without a live audience, but the bass-heavy act is ready to re-establish that connection via Sonder, a new EP crafted in the enchanting genre of lo-fi

The A Hundred Drums project began in 2006 and has connected heartbeats around the world through her evocative and seductive live sets. After dropping her self-titled debut LP in February, she’s managed to stay creative in a pandemic-wrought 2020. The blossoming electronic artist has released three singles (“19,” “Deception,” and “Bonded”) and was prominently featured on AfterShock, Deadbeats, and SummerEyes Festival livestream events. This new EP marks a remarkably different sonic direction for her.

Sonder was born to reach listeners during a time of introspection through A Hundred Drums' most intimate experience yet. With the new record, the producer continues her penchant for moving listeners, albeit with a softer approach than her typical staggering bass production."Not only is it hard on my soul to not be able to perform my craft for an audience, but it's been nearly impossible to get inspired to make 'bangers' when I can't even play them out," she said. "But what are challenges if not opportunities in disguise? During this time I've been able to harness my deep love for study music and use that energy to get into the studio and develop a whole new arsenal of more melodic, roots-y, and soulful tunes."


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