A New Music Marketplace: AC55ID Promises 100% Retained Earnings 

Offering free use of its dedicated fulfillment center, AC55ID is a new Bandcamp alternative where artists retain 100% of their earnings. 

AC55ID, pronounced “A C fifty-five I D,” has launched its online music marketplace and hub to foster a fair ecosystem for independent electronic music artists and labels. 

With a subscription business model, the Bandcamp alternative provides members free use of its dedicated fulfillment center. It streamlines the processing and shipping of vinyl and merchandise and offers dedicated customer support. 

Through its marketplace, artists using AC55ID retain 100% of their digital and physical sales earnings. Dozens of high-profile labels have joined the platform, including Nechto, the renowned label run by DJ Nastia. 

The genesis of AC55ID can be traced to Bandcamp Fridays.  “We were inspired by the success of Bandcamp Fridays, where the first Friday of each month saw Bandcamp waiving its revenue share,” explained James, CEO of AC55ID. “We’ve taken this idea a step further by consistently guaranteeing artists and labels an unprecedented 100% of their earnings. Our pledge covers all digital and physical sales through its marketplace, aiming to foster a fairer ecosystem for independent creators. At AC55ID, it’s Bandcamp Friday every day.”

AC55ID Subscription Model

The business model instead focuses on subscriptions with an emphasis on accessibility. For artists, there is a fee of $10 / month, whereas for a label, it’s $29 / month, including unlimited artists’ profiles and releases. Comparatively, Bandcamp charges $50 per month for unlimited artist accounts. AC55ID is positioning itself as a cost-effective strategy that proves advantageous for artists and labels but is also enhanced by the unique complimentary fulfillment center.

Further subscriber benefits include full pricing and quantity control, physical and merchandise fulfillment, event schedule displays, and unlimited redownloads of music purchases. 

The marketplace harnesses blockchain technology with secure smart contracts to ensure transactions on the platform are transparent, secure, and immutable.

AC55ID Commitment to sustainability

With a growing narrative around the sustainability of vinyl production, AC55ID is promising a commitment to sustainable vinyl pressing. Their On-Demand Vinyl Pressing enables fan-powered campaigns with a progressive solution that minimizes waste. For example, customers have the option of using Bio Vinyl, a bio-based petroleum-free PVC sourced from cooking oil or industrial exhaust gases.

The team behind AC55ID is a tight-knit team of tech geeks, artists, musicians, and developers who thrive on exploring out-of-the-box solutions. With a goal of producing a more equitable ecosystem for independent artists and labels, AC55ID invites artists, labels, and music enthusiasts to explore its platform and join a growing community.

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19th March, 2024