Aadysi Releases New Dark and Bass Heavy Track "Oblivion"

If you're a fan weird and heavy bass, then this one is for you. Aadysi brings us into his world with a new bass-heavy track “Oblivion”.

The track starts out with an ominous intro quickly leading into drums and distant vocals that set the tone. We then go into future bass sounds that are truly unique to the DJ and make this track stand out from the rest. The second half the track truly embraces weird and funky bass that I personally love. “Oblivion” is a perfect experiment with sound and all the ways you can shape it.

Aadysi is known for his that sweep you f your feet. New on the scene with 21 tracks on his Soundcloud, Aadysi is proving that he is worthy throwing down the bass. With continual releases that just get better and better, we can't wait to see what's next from this DJ on the rise.

Listen to Oblivion by Aadysi here: