Ableton announces Live 12

Ableton has announced a new version of its popular music-making software, Ableton Live 12.

The update adds creative MIDI tools, new instruments, packs and native effects, and a new Stack Detail View, which allows users to view devices and clip view at the same time, for example. It also includes new tuning systems and the Mixer view can now also be viewable in Arrangement View. A new ‘similar sounds’ style search system allows you to search your browser for samples that have a similar tone and timbre to the selected ones, and users can add custom tags in the browser to make finding the right sound much easier.

MIDI has been reimagined inside Live 12, with new editing and intricate creative tools. Of the tools added, Ableton said it’s now possible to “connect successive notes and chords, simulate guitar strums, or pick from a set of generative algorithms to conjure up melodies, rhythms and chords that follow constraints you define.”

The flagship new instrument added in Ableton Live 12 is called Meld, a bi-timbral instrument that is, according to Ableton, “designed for deep sound-shaping that generates a wide array of textural and experimental sounds with two easy-to-use macro oscillators.” Roar is a new saturation effect that offers tones from ‘subtle’ mastering style harmonic distortion up to insane degradation and crazy, unpredictable tones, as the name suggests. Ableton co-founder Robert Henke’s Granular device hits its third version with Live 12, adding MPE capabilities and real-time audio capture. 

Ableton Live 12

There are four new Max for Live devices inside a new collection called Performance Pack, while a new Lost and Found pack explores foley and other “unlikely” instruments.

Ableton is offering a 20% upgrade to anyone with a Live 11 license, as well as 20% off Push 3 Standalone. For everyone else, Ableton Live 12 costs €279. It is due to be released in 2024 with public beta starting soon. Find out more on the Ableton website.