Above & Beyond Announce Third Anjuna Label, “Reflections” and Debut Singles

"Our two record labels, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, were born on the dancefloor," wrote Above & Beyond in a press release. 

Now, with their newly announced Reflections banner⁠, the prolific trio hopes to also set the soundtrack for the moments in between. "The mornings after, the nights apart, the journeys shared along the way. Those moments of reflection," says Above & Beyond when speaking on their new venture. 

Launching on May 16th, 2022 with a pair of new Above & Beyond singles, Reflections will be geared toward ambient, downtempo, and alternative music from a range of established and emerging talent. This includes Yotto's forthcoming project, Erased Dreams, which will be the first album released on the label. 

"The beautiful thing is, a lot of our artists were already either making stuff like this or are fully capable of making great stuff like this," said James Grant, the co-founder of Anjuna's supervising company, Involved Group. "We've always focused on emotional, soulful, and melodic dance music, so with Reflections, you could probably just remove the 'dance' part here." 

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Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond Announce Third Anjuna Label, "Reflections" and Debut Singles

The new imprint will focus on downtempo, ambient, and alternative releases primed for mood listening and turndown time.

"Morning in Deira," one of the inaugural Above & Beyond releases, embodies this ethos with an ethereal soundscape and gently undulating synth line. Listen to it in their recent Cercle set through 02:15 below: 

Martin Roth, Ryan Davis, Northling, Jessie Marcella, and Croquet Club are among the other artists scheduled to release music on Reflections. In addition to curating talent, the team behind Reflections also plans to build mood-based playlists, compile Above & Beyond's existing downtempo tracks, and commission more laid-back versions of popular releases on Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep.

"People are overstressed and over-adrenalized in the online world that we live in...(But) there is a therapeutic side to music, and this particular type of music is relaxing," Grant concluded. "The world does need more music like that. That's what Reflections is here to do."