Adventure Club Joins Forces With Squired and Dia Frampton for "High Like This"

Ever since the 2016 release of Adventure Club's debut album, Red // Blue, fans have been eagerly awaiting a second full length project. Those wishes are to come true this year, as "High Like This" with Squired and Dia Frampton marks the third official release of the duo's sophomore album. 

Following this year's "Back to You" (with Sara Diamond) and "Rebellious" (with Yuna), "High Like This" is the hard-hitting melodic bass anthem we've been waiting for, out today via Ultra Records. It kicks off lightly with vinyl crackles and quiet, reverberating synths before diving into Frampton's bright vocal tone and lyrics, which detail the thrills of independence and lighthearted love. These feelings are made audible in the song's dramatic drop of layered drum machines and bass downbeats, with pounding chords and soaring synths adding energy.  

The addition of "High Like This" to Adventure Club's existing album tracklist promises a sampling of the best, most beloved sounds from the duo. The pair has also teased a track with Sullivan King on Twitter, adding the potential for a punk-driven rager to make the cut. Though this collaboration hasn't been confirmed to be on the album, it means Adventure Club has been spending plenty of time in the studio going as hard as ever, promising big things for their bass-loving fans.