After Accusations of Stealing Lyrics from San Holo's Biggest Hit, The Artist Responds

Yesterday, it was brought to our attention that Chris Lake & Lee Foss’s new song “Lies, Deception and Fantasy” contained a chorus 99% identical to that San Holo’s mega-hit “Light.”

Chris Lake & Lee Foss

Even if it makes me blind I wanna see the light
So why do I keep being evil every single night?

San Holo

Even if it makes me blind I just wanna see the light
Breathe in, leave it all behind I just wanna see the light

After Accusations  Stealing Lyrics from San Holo's Biggest Hit, The Artist Responds

Now that the song is out today, and San Holo has apparently subtweeted the two artists, Lee Foss has responded to a San Holo fan in the comments his own Instagram post.

“Just curious,” writes @jacobdazzeo, “have you ever heard @sanholobeats before because it appears you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t realize you plagiarized his lyrics from a song that’s been out for 2 years and is likely on 90% people’s EDM and Good Vibes playlists.”

Lee Foss writes back, “I hadn’t no and I just reached out to him now… and frankly chris and I and our managers and all our friends hadn’t heard it either. It’s an unfortunate coincidence, I pride myself on my lyric writing and this is a shame but people ] our scene haven’t heard that song.”

He continues, “I’ve just messaged him and asked to give him a call, I’d be frustrated too if someone had a couple lines very similar to electricity but I can honestly say it’s a coincidence and I hope to reach him soon to chat.”

The San Holo/bitbird Facebook group “San Holo’s Birdsnest” has understandably taken the similarities pretty hard, being the group die hard fans that they are. However, it goes to the character the community that they’re now calling on members to cease any harassment either Chris Lake or Lee Foss for any perceived slight against their group namesake.

Chris Lake & Lee Foss are both legends in their own rights, in their own genres, and it’s hard to believe that they’d ever do something so obvious or blatantly wrong with any actual intent, ill or otherwise.

You can listen to their new song below.