Akeos Unleashes Fierce Dubstep Single, “Nexus Loop”

On the heels of multiple statement-making EP releases in 2022, Akeos reminds listeners why she's a dance music switchblade with "Nexus Loop."

The EDM.com Class of 2022 inductee recently kept listeners on their toes with Libellule, an EP which saw the ascendant bass music producer breaking convention by stringing together a series of genre-bending techno tracks fit for the dancefloor.

But like the flip of a switch, Akeos is back tearing it up on the dubstep front with "Nexus Loop." And the track continues to demonstrate that with her unique and cohesive sound design, Akeos can stand her ground on a multitude of stylistic fronts.

The track opens with saccharine arpeggiated melodies before evolving into a furious volley of spitfire synths. Teed up by the cathartic build of snapping snares, the rhythmically unpredictable onslaught of laser-like leads and guttural growl basses is a mind-bending sequence to behold. Once this track kicks into high gear, Akeos leaves it all on the table and never looks back.

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Akeos Unleashes Fierce Dubstep Single, "Nexus Loop"

Akeos called "Nexus Loop" one of her favorite dubstep tracks she's written thus far.

"Everyone's been wanting this one for a while, probably one of my fav dubstep tracks i've written mainly for the ravestab catchy-ness i enjoy," Akeos said of the new single, which you can listen to below and stream here.


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