Alison Wonderland’s New Collab with Quix Is Meant To “Stretch Time” While Tripping

Alison Wonderland Came Up With The Idea For Her Quix Collab While Tripping

Alison Wonderland’s new collaboration with Quix, “TIME,” is finally out this Friday. This one has been teased at live shows for months already, but we’ll finally have it all for ourselves in just two days.

Before that, however, Alison Wonderland took some time to explain the idea behind the track before its release.

“Tbh I came up with the idea making a song that stretches time whilst i was tripping. This has been one my favorite & most fun songs to make.
I hope it takes you all on a journey.”

Alison’s love psychedelic mushrooms is well documented on her Twitter and social media, so this explanation is anything but unexpected. That being said, it makes us all the more excited to hear the final product.

Pre save “TIME” by Alison Wonderland and Quix here.


Photo Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events