All of RL Grime's Halloween Mixes, Ranked

RL Grime Halloween Mixes, Ranked From 2012 To Now

Today marks the first day October, and you know what that means… RL Grime’s annual Halloween mix is coming. The don has dropped one every year since 2012 — that’s seven and counting — and this year shall be no different.

There’s no telling what direction RL Grime will go in for this year, but one thing is certain, his older mixes haven’t gotten stale. Rather than rank them “best to worst,” because let’s be real, none them are bad, we just ranked them by our personal favorites after re-listening to them all again today in order.

After 2015, RL Grime just started giving them Roman numerals, so don’t get too confused if you’re new to the series. Check them out below, ranked from 2012 to now, from top to bottom.

Halloween 2015 – best intro + the hills remix

Halloween V – pharrell + most plays

Halloween 2012 – first mix, started the tradition

Halloween VI – tony hawk + most spooky vibes

Halloween 2014

Halloween VII

Halloween 2013