Allan Franzner Pushes A Lot Of Rock Fans Off Their Chairs With New Banging Album  Who Pays The Price?

If you are a rock music fan and you are tired of listening to low-risk-taking artists, get introduced to Allan Franzner, a young artist who will surely push any rock fan off their chairs with his new album Who Pays The Price?

Through a meticulously curated collection of 11 songs, Allan Franzner exposes his worldviews and otherworldly skill set that have birthed this unmatchable album. 

It makes sense why so many listeners and music critics are getting excited about this album because Franzner has poured his entire soul into this project. 

The musician, multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer feels at ease juggling between alternative, heavy rock and mainstream pop while tackling left-wing lyrical themes that address a multitude of topics such as climate change, abuse, patriarchy, and much more. 

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