ALWZ SNNY Drops Bright New Dance Single "Wasted" With Krysta Youngs

ALWZ SNNY is here to deliver some serotonin to your day with his new single "Wasted" featuring Krysta Youngs. It's a bright dance track that feels like the classic EDM records of the early 2010s. If you didn't already miss being in a massive crowd surrounded by neon lights, this single will bring you right back to those cherished moments.  

"Wasted" features feel-good synths, crisp percussive elements, and stunning vocals courtesy of Youngs. While the lyrics of the track speak to a relationship on the rocks, the high-energy feel of the production combats any sense of melancholy you may feel. It's the perfect breakup anthem for getting over that not-so-special someone.

ALWZ SNNY has not let the circumstances of 2020 get the best of him. He's continued to deliver a steady stream of uplifting dance tracks and even some country music crossovers. This year he's dropped "Still Wait 4U," "Love Revolution," and "As Long As We're Together." Check out the Annapolis-based producer's latest dance music bop below.