ATLiens Drop Thrilling 5-Track EP, “Space Cathedral”

With their new EP, ATLiens have stumbled upon the horrors of an unforgiving space cult.

Released today on Insomniac's Bassrush Records, Space Cathedral is a five-track EP featuring some of the enigmatic duo's most haunting music to date. The record leans heavily into their thrilling, exploratory concept and introduces a heavy blend of experimental bass.

Before the release of Space Cathedral, the masked tandem tweeted out a link to "," which contained an encrypted message and a warning at the top of the page: "YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE." Tasking fans with deciphering the contents of the message and discovering the password needed to proceed, the chilling atmosphere created by the duo served as a not-so-subtle warning about the contents of the EP.

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ATLiens Drop Thrilling 5-Track EP, "Space Cathedral": Listen

Before the release of the EP, the masked duo sent fans on a quest to discover the motives behind their "space cult."

Giant footsteps stomp and shake the ground as cries of extraterrestrial creatures echo throughout the introduction of Space Cathedral. A whirring, mechanical bassline clashes with spacey sounds in the banging titular track.

The next two, "Obsidian Vortex" and "Purgatory," feature chopped-up vocal samples that feel like a sermon from the space cult leader. The former is a clicking frenzy that mimics the sound of a xenomorph while the latter brings in SVDDEN DEATH to deliver a rattling bass drop that sends shockwaves throughout. 

"Blue Skies /// Crazy" is a brooding, theatrical piece split into two distinct sections. Here, ATLiens use a transmission from Earth to transition from a staticky explosion of bass to a more melodic sound with celestial vocals. This trend is continued on the EP's closer, "comingforyou," rounding it out with another uplifting record.