AWAY Reveals Spine-Tingling Lead Single From Forthcoming EP, “Ritual”: Listen Class of 2021 artist AWAY is back with a hair-raising collaboration alongside electronic duo Echos to kickstart a promising new chapter.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2017 with the twisted melodic lullaby "Sleepwalker," AWAY has become an enigma within the electronic music community. Though he's been selective and sporadic in his release schedule, he's made every offering count—and the demand to hear more is at an all-time high.

AWAY has been teasing a long-form body of work since late 2020, but now we're finally seeing the plan come together with the release of "Ritual." The track marks the first single in his forthcoming self:antiself EP, which does not yet have an official release date.

Cover art for AWAY's single "Ritual" from his forthcoming self:antiself EP.

Cover art for AWAY's single "Ritual" from his forthcoming self:antiself EP.

His signature distortion patterns, glitched out sonics, and a heavy dose of horror in his lyrics have made him an intriguing figure in the world of bass. Longtime fans will find those qualities shining through in spades on "Ritual."

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AWAY Reveals Spine-Tingling Lead Single From Forthcoming EP, "Ritual": Listen

A mix of horror, trap drums, and heavy distortion, AWAY's "Ritual" is a promising sign of what to expect on his forthcoming EP.

The introduction's creaky door hinge sounds and the lone reverberating piano notes paint a vividly desolate picture in the song's introduction, but things don't stay calm for long. With harrowing opening lyrics, "Speak for yourself, I can't see your face with your blood in my eyes," Echos beam onto the track with an instantly memorable first impression.

The haunting vocals depict a toxic, addictive, and near-parasitic love affair in unsettling detail amid AWAY's heavy-handed, distorted trap synths. The combination is enough to leave listeners with goosebumps long after the song is over.

Check out "Ritual" below and find it on streaming platforms here.