Aweminus Drops Dubstep Flip of "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" Theme Song

If you're even remotely interested in video games or have simply been on the Internet lately, you've likely heard of the newest pop culture sensation Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Trading out guns and violence for whimsical obstacle courses filled with giant fruit, slime, and adorable jelly bean characters, the game is a refreshing change of pace from the now-familiar battle royale recipe. 

Almost as addicting as the gameplay is its cheerful soundtrack from Finland's Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagström. Bubbly and upbeat, the original offering complements the light-hearted nature of the game perfectly. Those looking for something with a little more bite to accompany their gaming are in luck after Aweminus dropped a dubstep flip of the game's opening, "Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme)."

Maintaining much of the original's introduction, Aweminus lets the duo's addicting synth work shine before cranking the dial and unleashing some ferocious bass. The result is a lively tune that can be equally enjoyed by gamers and bass fanatics alike.

Aweminus' remix of "Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme)" by Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagström is out now. You can download the flip for free here.