Baby Audio Releases ‘Humanoid’ A Vocal Transformation Tool

Baby Audio has released their first vocal effect – Humanoid.

Baby Audio, known for Crystalline, Super VHS, and BA-1, has launched its first foray into vocal effects with Humanoid.

Humanoid is an over-the-top pitch corrector designed for instant hard-tuning and radical voice manipulation. The plugin introduces a new method of vocal tuning and phase-vocoding, transforming singers of any style and ability into a synthetic alternative

Humanoid’s FFT-powered pitch engine progresses the well-known hard-tuning effect for a more aggressive and synthetic approach to producing robotic vocals. In addition, Humanoid is powered entirely by sophisticated DSP without the use of AI.

Humanoid can instantly remap incoming vocals to a musical scale like classic vocal tuners. It can also be controlled manually or played with MIDI like a vocoder. The plugin is also able to tune incoming vocals to any target pitch (without artifacts), which makes it useful for generating harmonies from a single source.

In keeping with their usual approach, Baby Audio packs Humanoid with creative effects, utilities and curated presets. Humanoid is compatible with all major DAWs for Mac and PC and is fully M1/M2 native. with an iOS version in the works.

It retails at $129 with a $79 intro sale.

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27th June, 2024