Bass Canyon Attendee Breaks The Rail & Rushes The Stage In Scary Attempt To Hug DJ [VIDEO]

Artists on stage are used to seeing all kinds craziness out in the crowd — after all, they pretty much have the best view at the festival. What they’re not used to is people rushing the gates and making it all the way on stage.

This past weekend at Bass Canyon featured a stellar collection artists both big and rising, including a huge Spotlight b2b with Excision on the final day with Chime, Jantsen, Jessica Audifred, Ubur, and more. In the month leading up to Lost Lands in Ohio, Bass Canyon served as more an additional entree than just an appetizer, as it might’ve last year.

However, no festival is perfect, and incidents do happen — thankfully, nothing bad came this. During Sullivan King’s set on Saturday, one the attendees apparently broke a rail, successfully made his way past all security, got up on stage, and then actually hugged Sullivan King, completely ignoring Excision right beside him.

From a security perspective, you never know who any uncredentialed individual could be and this is a massive failure on someone’s part. On the other hand, the fan approached Sully very calmly and just wanted to hug probably one his favorite artists, so in this case, all’s well that ends well.

Still this is not a move we’d ever recommend to anyone. Wait for your artist to host an ficial meet & greet at a festival or local event, wait outside for them after a show, or shoot them a message on Twitter asking if you can meet! There are lots ways to interact with your favorites aside from surprising them on stage at a festival and then potentially getting kicked out.