Bassnectar Donates 1,000 Free Months Of Therapy Through Be Interactive

isn’t your normal DJ. He makes his opinions known and always gives back whenever he can. In addition to the many curated events he puts on throughout the year, he has his own 501(c)3, Be Interactive. Their mission is to “inspire the empathic to make an impact through radical kindness, respectful creativity, volunteering, and charity”. Be Interactive is possible through proceeds that come from Bassnectar events that fund grants, projects and more. 

During this year’s BassCenter, announced that the proceeds from BassCenter XII will be sponsoring 1,000 months therapy. Anyone is open to apply for this initiative. 

“Therapy is for everyone, not just people in crisis,” read the message during the video announcement. “Just like a physical therapist, trainer, or yoga teacher helps you develop skills to keep your body healthy, a mental health pressional assists you in developing skills to keep your mind healthy.”

The 1,000 free months therapy will be hosted alongside BetterHelp. BetterHelp is an app and online service that brings counseling and therapy sessions directly to the consumer. 

Since the initial announcement this program, Bassnectar and Be Interactive have announced that they will be expanding the program even further. $2 from every ticket for Bassnectar’s Freakstyle will be going towards the project, expanding it to 2,000 months free therapy. Find out more about how to apply here