Bassnectar Sets The Record Straight After Artist Apologizes For Leaking His NYE Flyer Art

Everyone makes mistakes; and it’s important when viewing those mistakes as a superior or client to be able to take context into account and act accordingly, and not as a bully. Artist Chris Dyer was recently commissioned by Bassnectar’s team to create a flyer for an upcoming New Year’s Eve show, and the artist shared the concept sketch on his Instagram Stories. The information about the show wasn’t public yet, and, without doing so intentionally, Dyer still ended up leaking the show.

How Bassnectar responded shows a lot about his personality and how he responds to these situations. Rather than rolling with the punches (but still reprimanding or even firing Dyer as he may have deserved), he resorted to banal insults about Dyer’s work.

Dyer later apologized for his actions, though ultimately the apology given was rather empty and directionless. “So if I’ve hurt somebody I considered a friend,” Dyer wrote, “I sincerely apologize.”

Bassnectar, too, later set the record straight, admitting that he regretted his outburst, but challenging anyone in that situation to not act in a similar fashion. “Sorry to anyone who was disappointed to think that I’m not a human and I won’t react when someone screws us over,” Bassnectar wrote.

Looking over these tweets, apologies, and exchanges, it’s easy to see how both sides could be condemned for the actions. Ultimately, Bassnectar’s NYE show will still go on and Dyer will continue to make art, and neither will be worse for wear. But hopefully this situation has fered lessons to them both that they can take into other areas their lives.