BEC Drops Mesmerizing New EP "Turning Point"

After successfully launching her new imprint, BEC has returned with a new offering for all the diehard techno fans out there in the form of her three-track EP, Turning Point. If you were on the hunt for something to hypnotize you into oblivion in the best way possible, look no further. This new EP showcases a stripped back, purist styling and serves to further cement BEC as a key breakout star on the techno circuit. 

The EP opens with the titular track, which sets the tone for the heady experience that is to follow. Its steady state feels as if you are going headfirst into a visualizer, slowly losing grasp with the outside world right up to the point where she pulls you back in with the sharp synths. "The Forgotten One" sees the producer delivering a more club-ready track for her fans, who must be counting down the days until they can hear this live in a dark warehouse somewhere. Finally, "The Hedonist" draws you back into a pleasure-seeking state, filled with airy pads and a mesmeric clap that rounds out the EP perfectly. 

If BEC wasn't on your radar yet, she will be after this EP. After receiving backing from heavyweights Pan-Pot, Carl Cox's Intec, and Adam Beyer's Drumcode, starting her own imprint was the next logical step. Her dark, unyielding performance in the studio and on the stage makes her one the genre's most exciting talents. 

You can stream and download "Turning Point" across all platforms here.