Bend TIME With Alison Wonderland + QUIX's New Collab

has teamed up with QUIX on her new single TIME. The track embraces its name with its wobbly sounds, making us feel like we're entering another dimension.

“Tbh I came up with the idea making a song that stretches time whilst I was tripping. This has been one my favorite & most fun to make. I hope it takes you all on a journey,” says Alison Wonderland about the track.

TIME definitely encompasses the trippy, sound stretching sound that Wonderland and QUIX were going for. The track starts slow with deep synths and a hypnotizing beat but picks up while seamlessly adding on layers synth and bass. It's deep and but then suddenly takes a turn into weird and wonky bass.

Wonderland comes in at the end with her signature vocals, adding beautiful, otherworldy vibes to the track.

We're loving the track and direction Alison Wonderland is going in and we can't wait to see more.

Listen to TIME here: