Black Caviar Gives the Lowdown on Every Track Off New EP, “Rivington & Ludlow”

After kicking off 2021 with two brand new releases, electronic duo Black Caviar is already back for more, this time with their saucy four-track EP Rivington & Ludlow. Out April 16th, the project's sonic attitude and seamless transitions once again assert the Grammy-nominated artists' dominance over their signature groove of worldly house music. 

Through its run time, Rivington & Ludlow puts a modern twist on the trendy blend of hip-hop and electronic music. It finds its strength in its vocalists, placed front and center above carefully woven soundscapes of club synths and percussion. 

"Own My Own Masters" stands out with its cheeky lyrical flair, and the previously released "Been That Ill" with G.L.A.M. infuses floor-pounding bass with the rapper's flawless flows. Meanwhile, "Thicc" melds club claps with pulsing percussion, and "U Nasty" with UNIIQU3 puts an updated twist on the electropop of the early 2010s. 

According to Black Caviar, Rivington & Ludlow was written and recorded in their native New York City, with its name inspired by the iconic Beastie Boys.

"When we were walking around taking breaks or getting something to eat, we'd always walk by the iconic corner of Rivington and Ludlow where they shot the cover to their hip hop masterpiece, 'Paul's Boutique,'" the duo told "We thought it would be fun to give a nod to one of our all time favorite artists."

To celebrate the release of Rivington & Ludlow, Black Caviar chatted with us to provide an exclusive breakdown of each track off the project. Check them out below, written in their own words. 

"Been That Ill" with G.L.A.M.: "We went through a period of time making beats with the mindset of "What would Timbaland do?" ...and this is one of those beats. We were giving some unfinished songs out to people and thought our friend G.L.A.M would murder this beat, and of course that is exactly what she did! This is the 4th song we've done with her and possibly my favorite. It's a hip-hop heater that doesn't let off the gas. She's such an incredible vocalist and lyricist, and everything she spits is fire."

"Own My Own Masters": We always would laugh when rappers brag about unconventional things like always having fresh socks or sitting next to Vanna White on an airplane. We thought it would be a fun flex bragging about making hits in your stu while keeping all the royalties and publishing. For the beat we went with an old school, breakbeat, Fatboy Slim kind of vibe.

"U Nasty" with UNIIQU3: We have been a huge fan of UNIIQU3 and what she's been doing with the Jersey Club scene. She came over one afternoon to my apartment and we just vibed so well with her. We wanted to do a twerk/ bounce kind of jam with her and I think it turned out sick. We love her attitude and style, hopefully this is the first of many songs we work on with her.

"Thicc": This was just a ridiculous confession of our love and desire for one of the greatest pop stars of all time, Rihanna, and thought it would be a nice cherry on top for the EP.