Bleu Clair’s Scintillating “Prelude” EP Signals a Bright Future In House Music: Listen

Since making a glowing first impression on Insomniac Records last year, house music dynamo Bleu Clair dives deep to deliver his latest project on the imprint, the Prelude EP.

The record marks Bleu Clair's biggest release to date and offers a taste of what's to come from the young, Indonesian beatsmith. Opting to enlist bubbling talent from his own backyard, he is on a quest to experiment with eccentric sounds.

Clair delivered the first taste of his EP back in July, a sultry single dubbed “Have Me All,” highlighting Jakarta-based vocalist Jelita. A gentle percussive beat surrounds Jelita's sensual vocals, creating a steamy late-night house tune. Then, switching things up in “Amani," he reconnected with Indonesian compatriot Jargen to deliver a thumping tech house track with ritualistic chants in a club-ready cut.  

Next up, Jakartan singer-songwriter Teza Sumendra was tapped in for the futuristic "Hyperspace." As otherworldly house sensibilities set sail, Sumendra’s warm, suave lyricism adds finesse.

The cover art of Bleu Clair's "Prelude" EP. 

The cover art of Bleu Clair's "Prelude" EP. 

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Bleu Clair

Bleu Clair's Scintillating "Prelude" EP Signals a Bright Future In House Music: Listen

This six-track EP marks Bleu Clair's biggest release yet.

Rounding out the six-track project, three brand new singles have been released to complete Bleu Clair's Prelude EP. Boasting a vibrant palette of unique tech and bass house grooves, this collection of sounds foreshadows a bright future for Bleu Clair.

With similar influences to “Amani,” “Play Jana” is also textured with tribal soundscapes. This track is both playful and hypnotic as it resembles a drum circle with hand percussion and chanting. Tapping into Latin culture, “El Pasado” fuses drum work with lasers and flirty synth notes, all accented with Spanish vocals. 

“Chemistry” is a creative collaboration with San Diego’s Cheyenne Giles, who has garnered support from the likes of The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Loud Luxury, and Tiësto, among many others. "Chemistry" is intoxicating from start to finish, with sublime vocal loops, bubbly chords, and entrancing drum sequences.

You can listen to Prelude in full below and find the EP on streaming platforms here.