Borgore Releases First New Album In Four Years And It’s, Well… Interesting

It’s been four years since the world last saw an album from Borgore, in The Buygore Album. But even then, at just 8 tracks with a bevy collaborators, like the title suggested, it felt more like a label compilation. Now, the Israeli rapper/DJ is back with The Art Of Gore.

If nothing else, TAOG does a phenomenal job showcasing all different sides Borgore. Known to be wildly diverse in how he approaches his tracks, he can be as dirty as the best them, or sometimes downright inappropriate.

Tracks like “Photoshop,” “Chief,” and “911” remind his epic Borgore Ruined Dubstep days all the way back in 2010. They’re absolutely filthy, relentless, and crunchy in ways that no one else has ever really replicated.

And then you have “Choke Me” with Princess Vitarah —

Put your d*ck in my mouth
Babe f*ck me like a wh*re
I love it when you c*m on the back my throat

Um… okay.

Borgore’s rapping still leaves a lot to be desired, but at least he’s better now at processing his vocals so they at least still sound pressional.

Overall, it’s hard to really say anything too negative about this album. More than anything else, it’s unapologetically Borgore and one hundred percent on brand. The flow isn’t fantastic, but there’s lots to love about this collection tracks, even when it makes you take a step back and think, “Wait, did I just hear that?”

Listen to The Art Of Gore below.