BRONSON Announce Three Forthcoming Remix EPs, Release Cassian Rework of "Know Me"

BRONSON's self-titled album will be spun in a whole new light as the supergroup, comprised of ODESZA and Golden Features, have announced three forthcoming remix EPs are in the works.

Dance music producers of all walks jumped on the opportunity to make their mark on BRONSON's well-received debut effort. The group's first remix EP, titled Remixes Nº.1, is scheduled to arrive on October 16th, featuring contributions from OFFAIAH, O’Flynn, Skream, and Tunnelvisions. The bundle's lead cut, however, has already arrived from Grammy Award-nominated producer Cassian, who took on "KNOW ME," Bronson's collaboration with Gallant.

Cassian swaps out the delicate breaks of the original with a strong foundational house groove and a series of supporting synths that preserve the track's original melodic qualities. Gallant's melancholic vocals find ample space to breathe before a build-up that ultimately cascades into a rumbling rush of bass and subsequent waterfall of dancing, arpeggiated synths.

Cassian was contacted through cryptic means when a mysterious number began calling him and upon his answering, would only read a series of numbers. Cassian googled the numbers, which tied back to BRONSON's Instagram account. Upon following the account, he received another call, but this time, "Know Me" was playing on the other end. Captivated by the song, Cassian put the phone down after several listens, only to realize the stems had suddenly appeared in his inbox.

The remaining two BRONSON remix EPs do not yet have a remix date, but they are to feature Hayden James, Prospa, and more.