Brooklyn Bass Artist Esseks Returns with Blistering Tsimba Collab, "Invisible Enemies" [Premiere]

Brooklyn bass wunderkind Esseks is plugging back in with fans via his latest single “Invisible Enemies,” a collaboration with fellow New York producer Tsimba. Spanning just over three minutes in length, the single reignites the acclaim over Esseks' signature production style and delivers raucous bass for longtime fans.

Esseks is an electronic producer and visual artist whose music provides a range of bass-centric genres, but features his off-kilter approach to sound design and its intricacies. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with his subtle, yet instantly recognizable sound. Since his first release in 2012, he’s found releases with Deadbeats, Wakaan, Gravitas Recordings, Foundations Recordings, and Smokers Cough, along with a number of self-releases and collaborations with artists such as Yheti.

As mentioned, “Invisible Enemies” provides an upbeat flair to an otherwise dark, provocative bass track. The song opens with a distorted and echoed range of synths that circle the listener’s ear. A slushing, smooth beat is introduced 20 seconds in along with snapping percussion and chuckled vocals in the background. Through this stylistic blend of intricate and odd sonics, we hear Esseks' signature production. These sounds coalesce rapidly around the :40 mark, allowing a pad beat to take us into an explosive drop.

"Tsimba and I have been friends for a long time, so when we decided to try working on something it flowed very easily," Esseks told "I had a basic sketch of the song and we took a ton of bass patches he made. They all just fit together so well the whole song came together in two or three days."

Are we in space? Is this the sonic setting of Esseks' often-devious artwork? Only the listener can say. With certainty, however, the popular producer is once again keen on channeling explosive energy to the masses through unique, foreboding artwork and bass.