Burning Man 2020 Temple Revealed

Burning Man recently announced its 2020 theme: “The Multiverse.” Now, organizers have revealed the new temple design: Empyrean.

Once a year, Black Rock City comes alive through art and installments such as these. And every year, the temple takes on new form and importance to the community — a centerpiece so to speak for the annual gathering. As described on its website: Empyrean is a temple opportunity, inclusion, interactivity and experience, our transformative multiverse.

In 2019, the Metamorphoses theme gave Burners the chance at a transformative experience. This time around is all about the quantum kaleidoscope possibility, with room for endless exploration. Burning Man will be celebrated like never before as artists and creative teams focus on making impossible things possible through the Multiverse.

The Man burns on September 5th, 2020.

Learn more empyreantemple.com.