Cardi B Is Keeping Kulture's Baby Pictures Away From The Public: Report

is turning down fers when it comes to sharing pictures her newborn baby with the public. Apparently, the rapper can make big money if she decides to sell her daughter's image. It is reported that multiple magazines, websites and photo agencies have shared their interest in capturing and publishing 's very first photoshoot. The fers came with hefty numbers, hitting $100k and beyond.

This decision is not completely final, however. Although and Cardi are not prepared for their daughter's debut just yet, they are likely to consider it in the future. It is said that the couple might start considering the possibility in a few months. In the meantime, Cardi is focusing on spending time with Kulture and bonding with the infant. 

The couple has a tendency for privacy. Even there shotgun wedding was done in secrecy, only coming to light when the "Bodak Yellow" star decided to dispell criticism that was meant to shame her for allegedly having a child out wedlock. Still, they pick particular occasions to let their fans in. Their "" baby shower, for example, was a huge hit. An exclusive look inside the lavish event was also made available to their fans.