Casey Jones Unleashes "Hell House," Marking 40oz Cult Debut

Casey Jones unleashes his wrath and marks his 40oz Cult debut with a thoroughly menacing new production dubbed “Hell House.”

“Hell House” featuring Bukka is laced with insane anticipation from the jump, as Jones works through a theatrical intro, into a gritty, drum-filled preface. Screamy vocals join in, building up the hype even more — but just wait for the drop.

Taking a 4-on-the-floor house drive to the extreme, Jones ultimately delivers a sound that even rail riders can go ham to. “Hell House” uses every moment madness to its advantage — but with all the complexities and unexpectancies, the producer never misses a beat.

Fun fact: Jones submitted his tune when 40oz asked for new music submissions on Twitter. He fits right into the 40oz Cult aesthetic, considering his personal motto is “pizza, pentagrams, and house music from Hell.”

Keep in mind, this electro-infused nightmare is not for the lighthearted. Proceed at your own risk.

Casey Jones – Hell House feat. Bukka