Cash Cash Tap Georgia Ku for Future Bass Anthem "Love You Now"

Cash Cash have had a monster year. Not only has the trio released an official remix for The Pussycat Dolls, but they've also collaborated with Andy Grammer on "I Found You" as well as with Wrabel on "Mean It" and Laura White on "Gasoline." Today, they're back with a future bass single featuring Georgia Ku entitled "Love You Now."

"Love You Now" is an upbeat track powered by the signature sound that fans of Cash Cash know and love. Georgia Ku's passionate vocals take over right from the get-go with melancholic lyrics that play against the overall feel of the song. The drop serves as a moving future bass moment with finely tuned vocal chops and reverberating synths. Cash Cash has found a formula that works and "Love You Now" is a shining example of their refined sound. 

Listen to "Love You Now" below.


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