Catch A Vibe with Carl Cox's "Opulent Temple" Set from Burning Man 2019

The annual Opulent Temple white night takeover happened once again at Burning Man 2019 — and Carl Cox was there to set the vibe right. He brought maximum energy to the Arrival stage on the Playa, during one the busiest, most memorable nights the gathering.

The techno maestro got straight to work, working in music from Stan Kolev, Cristoph, wAFF, and more, each song with a majestic level appeal. The set, surprisingly, didn’t include any Carl Cox cuts (unless one the IDs were his) — but that goes to show his passion for shaping a performance perfectly for the moment.

Cox spoke with Stoney Roads last year about why he always returns to the Playa:

What is amazing is that everything that you see, touch and feel is someone’s expression. Keeping in mind there isn’t any electricity, or water it is amazing to think that people build the experience and then they leave without a trace. I just find that so refreshing.

I just love that for one week – no watch, no phone, no internet – anything that happens in that week is what you make it, and that’s the beauty Burning Man.

As you can hear below, he was truly playing for the moment. Listen now  Playground BRC and check out the tracklist here on

Carl Cox – Burning Man 2019