Chainsmokers' Drummer Matt McGuire Just Covered "Old Town Road" To Perfection

Before Matt McGuire was inaugurated as an ficial member The Chainsmokers, he made his mark on YouTube performing covers and original music on drums. Even now that he’s touring the world, he still uploads from time to time to impress, and he just covered “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X to perfection.

The original, course, has a country twang on top a hip hop beat which is what made it so iconic and unique. McGuire takes that and adds a more pronounced percussion section to it which, while it doesn’t make the track more musical in a sense, gives it more a live performance vibe.

Perhaps one my favorite aspects Matt’s video is that you can tell he truly, genuinely enjoys his craft. While covering one the world’s top songs at the moment may garner him views, yes, he’s still having a ton fun doing it.

Check out the cover “Old Town Road” from Matt McGuire below, and catch him on the World War Joy tour with The Chainsmokers later this year.