Charlotte de Witte Blasts Through the Cosmos With Intergalactic-Themed Techno EP, “Apollo”

Now more than ever, Charlotte de Witte is fueling some of the most memorable moments on the festival circuit. And with her brand new EP, Apollo, she's taking that trajectory into overdrive.

The techno superstar has returned with four new tracks, and much like the very idea of wandering among the cosmos, each evokes a mixture of curiosity, awe and excitement.

charlotte de witte

Charlotte de Witte performs at Tomorrowland Winter 2022.

Like descending into a black hole, "Missing Channel" leaves minds spinning and hearts racing with a hypnotic cadence and subtle, distorted vox just within earshot. The trippy atmosphere ebbs onto the titular "Apollo," wherein ethereal vocal harmonies pulse, morph, glitch and swirl, creating a hair-raising illusion that plays on the senses.

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charlotte de witte

Charlotte de Witte Blasts Through the Cosmos With Intergalactic-Themed Techno EP, "Apollo"

Adrenalized techno soundscapes run roughshod through this sonic exploration of the unknown.

de Witte steers the ship through a frenetic change in course with "Mercury," a track with zipping acid basslines and radio wave vocals broadcasting into the mix. "PPC" brings the ride to its final destination with sweeping, meditative soundscapes and twinkling synths, making for a much needed point of reflection in this intergalactic sonic journey.

The Belgian techno powerhouse has made world-building a concerted part of her creative process. She develops her long-form works around a mixture of conceptual and tangible themes, like 2021's Formula EP, an ode to one of the most storied European pastimes, Formula 1 racing. Bringing a similar sense of cohesion to her Apollo EP, de Witte is proving there's layers to her sound thoroughly worth exploring.

Take a listen to the EP below and stream it here via de Witte's own KNTXT imprint.