Check Out Grimes’ Splendour XR DJ Set—Along With Some Wild Comments on Discord

The "Grimes Metaverse Super Beta" Discord server is as interesting a place as one might expect.

Fans of the enigmatic musician gathered to hear her Splendour XR DJ set over the weekend. Packed with new music and some tracks that Grimes herself insists will not be released—at least in the form that appeared in the set—she weaves through tech and deep house, trip-hop, and more genres in her selections, which include music by REZZ, Volac, ANNA, Joris Voorn, Burial, and Enya.

"This is def more a love set for a big sound system," Grimes explained in the chat. "It's so funny on the phone. I hope at least someone is listening on a system somewhere."



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Fans from all over joined to take in the eclectic set, as greetings from Germany, Thailand, Italy, and other countries around the globe appeared in the Discord chat, along with some wild commentary and troll messages. 

"GRIMES PLEASE SIGN MY JUUL," one fan pleaded. "this sounds so fire when you're on ADHD meds," asserted another. "this is crazier than the time I matched with my uncle on grindr," said another. At one point, someone even asked her if she has a "favorite sword."

Grimes herself was responsive in chat, and did well to keep up with and respond to the overwhelming amount of messages and questions pouring in. You can watch the recording below.