Check Out PsoGnar’s “Fate of Gnarnia” Album Trailer Made In Unreal Engine 5

Traversing through a storyline of epic proportions while uniting a slew of musical influences, PsoGnar has released his debut album, Fate of Gnarnia.

PsoGnar curates melodic and heavy-hitting arrangements that grab listeners’ attention within seconds. His artistic expression extends far beyond music production, however, with his unique skillset as a singer-songwriter allowing him to tell engaging stories that live within his own sci-fi universe.

Fate of Gnarnia comes alongside a stunning album trailer created by acclaimed designer Zhixo, using Unreal Engine 5.

In PsoGnar’s own words, Fate of Gnarnia is less of a debut album and “more of a magnum opus.” The project spans across 12 vibrant songs that are as captivating as they are intricate. The epic “Fate of Gnarnia” introduces us into his mesmerizing world before “Mystify” and “Trapped In a Simulation” flip the script with their playful melodies and growling bass.

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Fate Of Gnarnia (Article Image)

Check Out PsoGnar's "Fate of Gnarnia" Album Trailer Made In Unreal Engine 5

Producer and vocalist PsoGnar has released a full-length fantasy concept album.

PsoGnar’s songwriting prowess takes the fore throughout Fate of Gnarnia, something that reinforces its grand storyline all the more. His varied influences are proudly worn on his sleeve, pulling inspiration from classical music, early 2010s dubstep, rock and trance. PsoGnar is able to glide from immersive electro-rock (“Vampire”) to synthwave-infused midtempo (“Valhalla") and still keep things feeling consistent and fresh.

Listen to Fate of Gnarnia below.

A buzzing figure in the underground bass scene, PsoGnar has built an extensive catalog of solo and collaborative works, including releases on industry-leading labels such as Never Say Die and Deadbeats, as well as collaborations with some of bass music's brightest talents, like Spag Heddy, Dion Timmer, Teminite and Chime.