Chris Liebing, Boston 168, More Contribute to Anfisa Letyago’s First-Ever Remix Pack: Listen

The latest project by Anfisa Letyago is here—and it's a three-parter.

First up is Listen & Nisida (Remixed) Vol 1, a four-track remix pack of tracks off the techno producer's 2021 EPs, Listen and Nisida. Featuring reworks by DJ Rush, Adiel, Boston 168 and Chris Liebing, the EP's 25 minutes are a techno pièce de résistance, acting as a showcase of the styles that are currently taking over the genre. 

Under Boston 168's care, for example, "Gravity" becomes eerily otherworldly, as a mischievous new synth line flows tauntingly alongside Letyago's echoing vocals. Liebing, on the other hand, opted for a more minimalistic feel with his take on "Not There," stripping the track down to a four-on-the-floor beat and uncluttered, depth-building layers. 

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Anfisa Letyago

Chris Liebing, Boston 168, More Contribute to Anfisa Letyago's First-Ever Remix Pack: Listen

The four-track project is the first of three remix tapes, which will rework songs off her 2021 "Listen" and "Nisida" EPs.

There's also DJ Rush's remix of "Rising Sun," with competing drum lines that run along at a breakneck pace, and Adiel's rework of Orizzonte, a hauntingly futuristic smasher that sweats with the heat of the warehouses it will certainly frequent.  

Volumes two and three of Listen & Nisida (Remixed) are due later this year and will also come paired with original cover art by Sergio Fermariello, who was inspired by the "locomotive" qualities of Letyago's music. "Its hammering rhythm leads us back, in the trance of repetition, to where perhaps, since the beginning, we already are," he mused in a statement.

Check it out here: