Clasico Records releases new compilation featuring Jossy Mitsu, Coffintexts, WTCHCRFT, more: Listen

Clasico Records is starting a new compilation series called 'Supercl​á​sico'. Listen to the first volume below.

The 16-track 'Supercl​á​sico Vol. 1' is the first compilation for ELEANOR's Local Action sister label for "cutting edge global club music" launched last April. Out now, it features label artists WTCHCRFT, Martyn Bootyspoon, Coffintexts and the label head, as well as newcomers to the imprint like Jossy Mitsu, Paurro, Nite Fleit, Bastiengoat, PlayPlay, Worldcolour, POUCH ENVY, Zaida Zane and more.

"Although the vast majority of artists included are new to the label, they’re all people with whom we’ve built relationships with in recent years", Clasico's release description reads. "This is already family tree, in other words."

The label's last release was WTCHCRFT's September 2023 EP 'Sleepless in Brooklyn'.

Earlier this year, Coffintexts released a new single called 'I Like The Way She's Moving' on Club Romantico. 

Take a peek into Jossy Mitsu's digital record collection with her February 2021 entry in DJ Mag's Selections series. 

Check out the 'Supercl​á​sico Vol. 1' compilation on Bandcamp, and listen to it below.