Cody Chase Releases ‘By My Side’

By My Side is out now on Blanco y Negro

Cody Chase is well known for his 4-deck live on the fly technique, keeping his dancefloors entertained. But he’s also well known for his production, and By My Side is a return to production after a brief hiatus doing other things, notably building businesses, according to Spotify.

By My Side has all the hallmarks of a popular tech house tune. It’s short, coming in at 3.06, and runs at 125 BPM. Female vocals are cut and spliced on top of a heavily swung tech house groove with a pulsating bassline that filters in and out of the drops. There are also reverb-laced synths playing counter melodies at the drops. In truth, there’s not a great deal going on – but the groove is designed to fit neatly into a tech house set.

Outside the studio, Cody Chase hosts his own radio show ‘The Chase’, and is the owner of his label, Chasin Records. And By My Side comes on the back of ‘High As F*ck’ released in December 2023. If you like Mau P, there’s a good chance you’ll like ‘High As F*ck’.

Find Cody Chase on Instagram. By My Side is out now on Blanco y Negro.

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7th February, 2024