COLD FAITH Gets Up Close and Personal With Debut EP, "Crying For The Moon"

Rising EDM artist COLD FAITH has hit the ground running with his debut EP, Crying For The Moon, a four-track project with a strong showing of ambient synth arrangement, driving percussion rhythms and breezy soundscapes. Released independently, the tracks are the first from the Japanese artist, who launched his production career just this July with his "Violent Emotions Of Midnight Tokyo Mix" of "Oboro," one of the songs featured on the EP. 

The project's titular track opens Crying For The Moon with a poignant note, introducing the haunting vocals and raw displays of emotion that carry throughout the entire EP. With "Looks Good On Paper," COLD FAITH shares a penchant for artfully designed and stylistically motivated production layouts, while "Arachne and Narcissus" is dark and twisty, featuring a bass beat vaguely reminiscent of deep house. 

Earlier this year, the artist also shared a teaser of the EP to come, releasing a music video for "Crying For The Moon." Shot in a cinematic 4K video format and directed by An Nguyen and Kola Eckert, the video is an accomplished feat of visual art, completely complementing the aural artistry of the EP as a whole.